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Principal World Travel is celebrating 20 years in business!
In these times, even I think that is quite something :-)

I started this business travel agency from my dining room table, on the basis that I would only have myself to blame for poor management decisions if I were the only one making them. It’s fair to say I have beat myself up severely over the years and I won’t lie, there have been times it has been *@!$%^ tough !

I have been blessed with exceptional staff, loyal clients, sound guidance and mentors over the years but there has also been many a challenge. I look back and wonder how we recovered from the impact of world events out of our control: 9/11, the banking crisis, credit crunch, airlines pulling travel agent commissions, recessions, the Ash Cloud, continual travel industry regulation changes and perhaps the biggest threat of all, the internet! We have weathered it all, grown through experience & learnt to trust that our way is the best way, for us, and for our customers who trust the importance of their travel to us. We now sit and watch Brexit (or not) and await its consequence, to us and those we work for. Yet another storm to weather … but life must go on and it will.

My greatest fear was always that Principal World Travel is too small. Now I know small is beautiful (I am small!) and what I have now is a small but trusted & well respected brand, committed to excellent customer service. We aren’t as shiny or technologically advanced as others but we all have our place and ours is boutique, niche, we know our clients well and they know us. We strive to be a genuine part of the team … think travel, think Principal.

I have led Principal World Travel as its Executive Director for 20 years:

  • * 20 years of success
  • * 20 years of challenge
  • * 20 years of superb client relationships
  • * 20 years of top class staff, with a fiercely loyal team still around me

To all of our clients and to my brilliant comrades (who put up with me & my craziness), thank you all from the bottom of my heart. My vision would be nothing without you!

Finally, thank you Principal World Travel. You have made me so, so proud.

Here’s to the next 20! Cheers …..

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