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Enquire about a lounge pass at your departure / arrival airports. At circa £20 they could save you a fortune if your flight is delayed; not to mention that priceless peace & quiet.
Know the address of your country's Embassy in your destination.


Principal World Travel provide an invaluable service to RDT, planning our international travel for employees. Taking the time to listen us means they deliver an outstanding personal service which has been tailored to suit our individuals requirements.

Giving clear and concise instructions and itineraries to the travellers, I have confidence that the best option has been researched for us.

Prior to appointing Principal I had been arranging the travel personally giving me insight in to the time and effort required to deliver such a quality service.

RDTTracey Chapman, Senior Administrator and PA to CEO, Remote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd

After previous trips to Berlin, when we were off loaded at the last minute, Singapore, when they cancelled my return flight, Ljubljana (that was special) when we left from Gatwick & the flight got diverted to the wrong city / country even, then took another 24hrs to return to Heathrow, (my car was at Gatwick of course), Mumbai, where there were riots & two killed outside the hotel plus 750 arrested, Japan, the worst earthquake for 14 years & 6.5 on the richter scale closing the airport for two days ....... oh and the FARC bomb that went off down the road from the hotel in Bogot√°, not to mention the cracked windscreen on the return flight from Vienna when we turned round and returned to Vienna at low altitude; not forgetting Egypt with that great overnight minibus ride through the Sinai desert, leading up to this week's runway closure at Heathrow 1 & 1/2 hours on the tarmac and number 30 in the de-icing queue ....... future travels should be a doddle!

It may not be me I'm thinking, other common factor is that you booked all the trips :-)

BUT you have always got me home and I will keep coming back for more don't worry, you're the best!

Mick Glossop, Operations Director, Belcom247

Having worked with Principal World Travel since our inception in 2002 we continue to benefit from the ceaseless enthusiasm & professionalism that they offer.

As a client we must be a nightmare always requesting alterations to itineraries beyond the last minute, generally booking travel later than is wise, Ingrid & her team always deal with our requirements with the minimum of fuss & with the utmost speed.

What sets Principal World Travel apart from other travel agents is that they do take the time to get to understand your requirements as a company & work tirelessly to ensure the right product is delivered at the best price.

I guess the greatest compliment I can offer Principal World Travel is that in 11 years of business I cannot recall being let down once & considering the ridiculous nature of our business that is quite incredible!

Yours Sincerely

Neil Johnson

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